Alejandro – Pharmacist

Heem is a fantastic medical recruiter and helped me find my first role in Northern Ireland. Heem who helped me during the whole process, is one of the best professionals that you can find in this sector. He is extremely helpful, kind, honest, industrious, polite, and the list goes on!!. Heem is also a versatile and persistent professional, and in turn, he will not give up even if the situation goes bad to worse. He will hold your hand tight, and he will help you at every stage of the process. I really appreciate Heem’s help because thanks to him, I am working as a pharmacist in Northern Ireland (which is a turning point for my career and for my life). Heem is a truly textbook example of how to be a professional recruiter. He is second to none!! So if you want to work as a health professional, do not hesitate and contact Heem.